Eunice Kemunto Marube is a young professional, mother and mentor to young women. She is especially passionate about mentoring young women of colour; to help them come out of impoverished lifestyles, mindsets and environments. Having navigated herself through an impoverished childhood, educated herself through post secondary education and into  professional accountancy, she believes that she has a message to share with young women who find themselves in similar circumstances.

As a child, Eunice watched her mother struggle to raise her and four siblings almost single-handedly. Her dad struggled with alcohol addiction so he was always gone. Her mother, who was with limited education- only studied till grade 3, went to the market daily to buy fresh produce, which she sold at a mark up to raise money for livelihood. “We used to be called “watoto wa skuma wiki” in our neighborhood, because kale is all mom could afford for food – she could not afford to buy us meat for dinner like in other households”. Eunice stated.

After high school education, Eunice was determined to do well in life so she could support her mother and siblings into a better standard of life.She managed to pass very well from Pangani girls high school- went into Kenyatta university and studied bachelor of commerce in accounting. Right after university, she managed to find a job at a church organization where she worked briefly before finding an opportunity to travel abroad. Eunice jumped on the opportunity knowing this was the chance to make her life and that of her family better.

As an adult, having navigated marriage, divorce, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and other such life challenges, Eunice is passionate about sharing how she was able to overcome challenges. Her message is that of transforming painfulness into purposefulness, and from brokenness into wholeness, with the intent of inspiring young women, especially single mothers.

The tools she uses include written books, inspiring music and an established accounting firm – Marube Professional Services, which helps her to be financially sustainable. “My desire is to help not-for-profit organizations manage their finances and build sustainable social enterprises.” Eunice stated. In addition, Eunice works as a Finance Director at an established organization in Corporate Canada.

“With the registered non-profit company -Divine Voice Foundation, I plan to mobilize support materially for orphans and single moms, as well as provide information to educate, inspire, empower and motivate impoverished young mothers,” she added.

“Another desire of mine is to start Divine Voice Fellowship- a religious organization where people especially young women can attend for spiritual nourishment and to build up their faith. I desire to build an establishment that will position me as a mentor and leader in Kenya, Africa and the world. Generally I am passionate about creating impact, influence and income through all the efforts/activities I engage in”, Eunice concluded.

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