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Who You Are

Understanding your unique identity and calling
by Eunice Kemunto Marube

This book “Who You Are” is very captivating, and the experiences chronicled therein are as real. The book exemplifies a definition of a true African woman who is out to inspire and liberate a fellow African woman both in Africa and the periphery. Sister Eunice has poured a calabash of wisdom which will transform a dedicated African woman who endeavors to read this wonderful masterpiece.

The book is difficult to put down the moment you begin deciphering into its content.

As the saying goes” An iron sharpens another iron”(proverbs 27:17). This book is a true sharpener of an African woman’s mindset. Bravo Sister Eunice. You are a true definition of an African Queen.

Josephat Momanyi Mobagi,

Educationist, Literature Evangelist and Theologian

Nairobi, Kenya


Book Launch

Meet And Greet

Sunday 3rd December, 2023 we will be at KUSDA CHURCH Grounds; Launching the book WHO YOU ARE by Sister Eunice Kemunto

This is the incredible autobiography of a young lady who experienced the Lord’s radical transformation in her life of pain and brokenness.

Eunice Kemunto Marube shares her testimony of how the Lord healed her from the pain of divorce, depression and discouragement. She had contemplated suicide when she experienced the stigma of divorce. Her marriage was miraculously healed and restored after six years of brokenness.

You too can find God’s blessings through your pain and brokenness if you earnestly search for the Lord, the master healer, to heal your wounds and transform you. Eunice now enjoys a life filled with love, joy, peace and satisfaction as she shares her testimony in words of encouragement and serves the Lord in various capacities, including music.

Perhaps you have experienced or are experiencing a series of losses and have questions about when the time will come for you to finally get a break and enjoy a life of freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness. Perhaps your losses have caused you deep pain, anguish, and discouragement.

Eight years ago, I experienced depression, despair, and discouragement as a result of divorce. Nothing I tried in my own human effort could heal my wounds or relieve my pain. But I finally found my way into a new life of bliss and favour. In this book, I want to share with you my journey of how I survived my losses, hoping that I will help many women (men are welcome to read, too) to also survive their losses and attract divine favour.

Book Reviews

Testimonial Surviving Loss

“I love Eunice’s honesty in sharing her story in “Surviving Loss.” She has been through significant loss, so her book is very personal and practical, not just theoretical. She is clearly passionate about helping others in similar situations. The way she weaves her journey and examples from the Bible will help readers navigate their own burdens and pain with God.”


Broken But Blessed

“Wow… what an amazing story! Eunice leaves herself vulnerable to the reader by exposing the darkest depths of her life. She uses her testimony to encourage and uplift others with the assurance that God is ever patient and always waiting to pick up the broken pieces and heal you. Eunice’s story is a wonderful mix of testimony, Scripture references, and life lessons along the way. I highly recommend this book to anyone whose life seems to be falling apart, who is seeking for answers as to why things always seem wrong. As her book clearly states, you will discover that for every pain there’s a purpose. As she takes you along on her journey through the pages, you will undoubtedly travel your own life journey realizing that you – as she is – are Broken but Blessed.”
—Erica Dees

Broken But Blessed

“An easy to read yet powerful story. To hear Eunice’s commitment to never giving up, even at her lowest moments, is such an inspiration and example of her strength in God.”
-Barb Rowe


Broken But Blessed

“It’s amazing how God gets involved in our lives. Reading this book, I was able to see the same things in my life, and it gave me encouragement to know that God will work the same way in me. Such an amazing testimony! Everyone has to read this. It speaks to us today.”
-Judith Malel

Social Worker

Broken But Blessed

“Wow! I missed my stop because I was so engrossed in Broken but Blessed. Eunice sincerely and truthfully bared her life experience, which can only be possible through the touching Grace of God. It goes a long way to confirm that every journey of life is for a reason to trust God more, even when you cannot see. It is well written and easy to read. The clarity of the message is so Godly.”
-Clara Ajagu

Mary Kay Director

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